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Lotus Floating on a Black Lake

Updated: Jan 10

This vision came through me in a moment of extreme stress and fear. I have tried, with poor justice, to recreate it here. No image nor words can express the beauty and power of what I saw, but words and images are all I have to offer you.

I saw my body, at first as a tree or a flower, its roots reaching down into the dark, its leaves and flowers and fruit high above. The tree was vibrant, I saw it all, so alive and balanced.

A seed fell from the tree, the seed was the brain, and it lay there like bound mycelium or a whole city condensed into a nut.

Then I saw the tree wither and begin to die. The tree falling apart, stripping itself down like an onion. This was very sad to watch, but it was shown to me as a natural consequence of what came before, the vibrant, fruiting tree. When the tree was no more, all that remained was the seed, the brain, so full of light and magic, working away on itself in its own little world, a self-contained hive of intense consciousness, surging with creative force.

I could feel this force surging through me, and eventually, like a sapling breaking the earth, it shot out of my head and bore down into my spine, throwing a single strong thread above and below into the depths. Above, other trees or flowers bloomed in a great wheel. Below, I could see the passage of transformation as though looking through each image, each movement of the cycle of seed, fruit and death as though each was a membrane, and there were other membranes, other more subtle changes, in between.

Together, this great wheel of plants and this passage of transformation revealed a pattern like the leaves of a lotus. This was some subtle reality, in which all worlds are contained, although I could not look at them directly. The leaves of the lotus were turning like a flower on the water’s surface. In the centre was a strange space, extremely dark but shimmering inner light.

In the process of this vision, I had seen this space taking many forms, like a little dark mirror. In the beginning the reflections were very colourful and of some magical artistry, I couldn’t tell you what I saw within them. Now, however, it was of a black intense, blacker than a lake on a lonely shadow moon, yet smoother than quicksilver. And within the black, there was a light moving like a wisp, like gentle smoke, or a fragile entry through into deeper light.

It would be easy to say that the blackness is the foundation on which floats the lotus, and that the lotus is the pattern from which all worlds manifest, but this too little or too much to say. The black lake, the lotus pattern and the great wheel of seed, fruit and death were all made of the same substance, just seen through into different grades of subtlety and grossness. I felt the unfolding of pressure that came from looking deeper within.

This came to revelation when, looking deeper into the darkness, finding the light, and moving deeper into the light, the light opened up and in it I saw the world. It was the world without being the world, meaning that there was nobody to be inside it. I looked at myself and I was for the most part transparent, with strange patches of pattern here and there. The world was made of light, but light transformed, so that, when seen from a certain perspective, would give it all the appearances and shades of a world.

I opened my eyes. Of course, I forgot everything, bedazzled by the world of the vision of my eyes. Then I remembered, and could see it inside of me again. And then I forgot again.

Remembering and sharing these things is extremely important, I feel. When you are experiencing extreme emotions, close your eyes and ask yourself to show, in the clearest and most understandable way possible, what it is that needs to be shown. What needs to come to light. I lost my focus several times during this vision, but each time, I returned to myself, asked myself to show me, show me again. The heart responds to sincerity and commitment, it wants to show you the subtle understandings, rather than always having to communicate with loud, gross and overwrought expressions, as though shouting to a person at the other side of the nightclub.

I cannot say that the fear went away, although the fear of fear, which is so absurd to the mind that it causes stress, did so. I had a little lesson in coming to terms with fear without fearing it. Besides that, I returned with this small souvenir, which I hope, within your heart, finds its corresponding resonance.


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Wow this is so cool. I totally understand I have been here before with much less clarity that you found here. I thanks love for your expression and reflection as you have helped me understand more deeply. I wrote about my experience of this in my book, My Journey into the Golden Age!

I am super looking forward to reading your book.

I am so glad I took the time to read this. Thank you again for your expression!

Aug 05, 2023
Replying to

Thanks, David. It is in your heart this vision finds the resonance, as it is to you that I write this.

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