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Calling Upon A Guiding Spirit

Updated: Jan 10

Instead of seeking direction in a confused and conflicting world, we would be better off learning to connect with, trust and listen to our guiding spirits. They can help us to see our way through the veil of appearances.


  1. Find a quiet space where you can lie down on the floor, spreading your legs and arms out slightly from the body until you feel balanced and comfortable enough to remain lying for a while. 

  2. Close your eyes. Follow your breath, and with each exhale, say a line of the invocation: I am calling upon My Guardian Spirit My wisest, closest friend Reveal the Way Our Way Reveal Yourself to Me

  3. Repeat the invocation, each line on the exhale, over and over like a mantra. Gradually bring the mantra into your thoughts, becoming externally silent.

  4. Stay with the internal mantra, returning to its verbalisation only if you become lost or distracted.

  5. You will begin to feel a response, echoing from within. How it expresses itself will be unique to you, but it often arises with an unmistakable feeling of unity and belonging. This means that the Spirit has been awakened.

  6. Continue to effortlessly convey the mantra through your thoughts. Now pay attention to the expressions of the Spirit. The spirit will communicate things of deep meaning and subtlety, so stay focused, attentive and present.

  7. When you will feel that the relating is over (even if not yet entirely understood), or that the Spirit now wishes to return obscurity, close the mantra in whichever way seems right to you. Open your eyes.

  8. Continue practising the above ritual whenever you feel drawn to it. Forging a strong relationship with a Guiding Spirit, like any relationship, takes time and practise. The more you give to the Spirit, the more it will give to You.


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