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Welcome to, my unique and magical friend. How are you? My name is Kam, I am the creator of this place and all the work that you find here. Log in to the blog, say hello or ask a question, and come with me on this mystical journey of amulet craft. 

There are no coincidences. I am sure you are here because of your connection with the amulets, the dolls, or with the realm of dreams and the deep and mysterious unconscious. Maybe you are searching for an amulet doll of your own, to have the guiding-spirit of your visions custom-crafted in reality. Maybe you are curious to learn about dream alchemy - the science of refining dream substances into amulets - and want to know how you can do it for yourself. Or maybe you are drawn here to read of adventures and experiments beyond the limits of conscious perception, seeking to understand the alien within you and within all of us. 

Whatever your path or proclivity, thank you for coming. I appreciate your visit and your decision to spend your precious time here. I am doing my best to make sure that you leave here with something of value, in one form or another.  

Since I was a small child, I have always had a something special with the crafting of dolls. It came quite naturally to me, as though as I arrived in the world with this special inclination, this peculiar gift. Some of the dolls I made with wood and nails and wire borrowed from my grandfather; others I made from thread and wool and fabric lent to me my grandmother. My mother's old plastic dolls, I took them apart and created new ones, transformed them into amulets.

What is an amulet? The root of the word hangs lost in time, it has no known origin, and this mystery is partly why it chose me to help me to describe my craft. But after over thirty-five years of making these magical objects, I can also offer you this: an amulet is a handcrafted object of beauty and mysterious origin which wields a powerful, meaningful influence in the world. An amulet is a symbol of the darkness brought into the light.

From here, the brook ends and the river begins. If you resonate with what you discover in these pages, and you want to support the material body vehicle that makes it all happen, you can acquire an amulet or make a donation via paypal. But what it's all about, where the valuable exchange takes place, is in simply being here sharing the work, sharing this journey.     

Kamran behzadi

Or Kam

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