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Tiny Amulet Doll Workshop

An amulet is a beautiful and influential object crafted by hand but that arising from the great mystery within us. In this workshop, we craft an amulet in the form of a tiny doll using the most  unique techniques and the rarest materials. The outcome is an object of personal power which, like a mirror to the soul, reflects upon our lives our deepest sense of beauty, wisdom, and purpose.


If you are searching for a unique and powerful form of self-expression, feel the call to connect with the magic root of ancient wisdom that glows inside of you, and are drawn to create with your hands deeply personal objects that will enrich and guide your life, this class is made especially for you.


In this course, we unravel the stories of the spirit doll tradition that are woven into our world. We will go on to explore sacred materials and their significance in amulet craft, materials such as gemstones, leathers, rare woods and feathers. And you will have the space, tools and resources to craft your own personal amulet doll, a spirit guide to travel with you on your path forward. 

There are no upcoming dates scheduled for this workshop at present. If you wish to start a one or know more about it, ask the magic question.

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