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Star Mappers

Star Mappers

Those who can read the stars in the stones and speak the languages of distant worlds; those adorned in the travelware of the timeless way, who leave below their bodies to follow the higher passage; those who cross from the unknown to the known and bring back gifts to share with pilgrims who pass by on the cosmic path.


Great flightless bird, knotted with star maps, around her neck hangs the mirror portal charm pendant, at her claw sits a ring of jasper. Her face and head are covered with ceremonial mask and headdress set with handcut fire opal, kinstone of the stars, glowing with the dreams of galaxies. 


The rider, fully kitted in mirror armour, holds the Spear of Visions, a dragon's finger tipped with nail of shimmering opal and a standard of red parrot feather.


This awesome astral travelling doll stands at 20cm tall and has seperable parts.

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