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Updated: Jan 10

Many of us have travelled far from our ancestral homes. We don't know the land where we live as intimately as we once did, and spend much of our time searching for something that we have lost, or what we have surrendered. We trawl the webscape looking for an answer to a question we haven't figured out yet.

We have taught ourselves many things but there are some understandings that are handed down in the spirit and cannot be acquired by worldly experience. One of those understandings is your lineage, your lineage of wisdom. Your lineage of wisdom is your particular area of responsibility in the creation of the universe. Not everybody is a gardener who can communicate with the animals and plants; not everybody is a messenger who can leave their body at will, travelling without frontiers. But everybody has something: a lineage, a meridian that they are given to follow, a guiding star that has been shining since their ancient past.

There are dark forces against our success, leaching on our attention like vampires. We have been taught to be confused, to be searchers of the wrong things, not to ask questions, to be apathetic. Our most fragile natures have been manipulated, our lifelines broken, and we do not remember the warnings that were taught so openly in the ways of our ancestors.

Before going on, take a moment to wonder and reflect upon your own lineage, upon the particular gifts you have been given to fulfil your destiny, upon the passage of your life along this meridian. Imagine arranging your whole life around your lineage, what it would look like, how you would feel. You are the only one with the power to discern what is right and beautiful and wise to you; there is no other authority. When we know this, we can begin rebuilding our part of the bridge of responsibility. And once that bridge has been built and crossed, others will follow.


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2 commentaires

Nura Anqa
Nura Anqa
16 sept. 2023

This seemed to touch something deep inside of me - the way you spoke of the wisdom of lineage, of what we search for that we haven't even yet put a name to & of the teachings that are handed on to us through Spirit. Reading this phrase in particular: "Imagine arranging your whole life around your lineage, what it would look like, how you would feel." brought me into a deep reflection. And made me reflect on the ancestral wisdom that I hold within me, that is perhaps always trying to come out & pushing me into different areas of interests or habits to have even micro opportunities to emerge.

I have been contemplating since a few months how…

18 sept. 2023
En réponse à

I can tell from the depth of your observations and your insight into the hidden realms of human beings that this gift is a feature of your lineage, Nura. In this world we find ourselves, with so many people self-exiled from their wisdom path, a person who can perceive and give guidance to help others rediscover themselves has a role of a special order of demand and necessity. This, I already know about you from the work you do, but it calls me again to say it after reading it through your words.

What you say, about a humanity emerging from the fancy dress charade, has spun a thread within me. There is still a black seed wedged in the…

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