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Grandfather's Magic Stick Trick

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

The oracle shows an old man performing a trick with his old stick as the children gathered around him watch in wonder.

One of grandfather’s favourite tricks to teach the children about the nature of the world was to take his stick and start swinging it around and around over his head. As the children looked on and as the stick spun round faster and faster, it would at first seem to multiply, then multiply again until there were a hundred identical sticks in the air, some going faster than others. Before anyone could be surprised, he spun the stick even faster until eventually it just disappeared altogether. The children were gobsmacked stupid. Laughing to himself, with a graceful movement he drew the stick down to stop in his hand and showed them to their delight, it was all just the swinging of a stick. What passes for our lives is like the waving of a stick before the eyes of a child.

Often there seems to be a hundred things in the air and we modern humans with our cravings to control the world have a very hard time with that. It causes us a great deal of stress trying to grab sticks out of air that aren’t there. We think that grabbing those sticks will slow it down. Maybe you don’t need to slow it down, that would only be half a trick. The full trick would be to speed it up until your whole life disappears before your very eyes.


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