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Giant's Step

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

It is said that there is a place on the eastern coast of Galmas Island where a giant’s footprint is embedded deep into the stone. Story has it that the giant didn’t make a second, because as he came bawling out of the ocean a local fisher boy caught sight of him, slung his rod around and planted a hook in his eye. The giant fell back into the water, disappeared, and the boy was hailed a hero, Baraklyn Giant Bait the people called him.

“To the one who came bawling out of the water for one bold step, beware,

There’ll be another hook just like the first waiting for you somewhere.

Baraklyn Giant Bait, no more than a lad, sent you to fish for his tea;

You left your mark on the stone of the world, but even rocks fall back into the sea.”


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