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Ancient bone oracle reading technique

The craft of oracle divination is the first and most ancient of human artforms, older than writing, music making, painting and sculpting.

The origins of human language and its symbols can be traced back to oracles cast upon rocks, bones and animal shells. The world of our minds is an oracle cast by our ancestors.

We once crafted our understanding of the world from our observations of our mind. The oracle can be invoked upon any spontaneously occurring phenomenon, any emergence fresh from the mystery and yet without symbol or concept. It can be called upon a trail of ants or a passing cloud. With a clear question and an empty mind, skilful observation and abiding patience, we will sooner or later be told what we wish to know. 

What remains is the craft of reading of the oracle, of translating the signs of the mystery for the logical world to receive and make understanding of. Here we find ourselves at the crossroads where the scientist, the mystic and the artist meet. 

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