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Dream Alchemy

What if you could be consciously aware of who or what you are when you are not yourself, who would you be?


What if you could see straight through everything that you ever imagined to have seen, what would you see?

What if you could be awake while you dream and be dreaming while you were awake, as though there was no difference or border between the two, what would your life be like?      

30% of our lives we spend sleeping and in that time, when the body is incapacitated and the sensory system is closed down, we dream. 


As we dream, we receive communications in the forms of elaborate symbols, peculiar expressions that defy our worldbound experiences of life, expressions that in some curious way seem to be calling out to us, attempting to communicate with us from somewhere remote and otherworldly.


Our ancestors were far more advanced in their relationship with the dream than we are today. They knew the awesome personal power, authority and creativity that comes from connecting with the-self-we-do-know, the one whose voice comes while the body and the brain sleeps. This connection is evident in their uncovered artwork, in their primal contribution to human language, in their treatment of sacred spaces and objects, in the stories and songs that have travelled with us over time, some of which remains in the conscious minds of cultures whose ancestral lineages have lasted into the modern day but all of which remains in the unconscious mind of every living human being. 


Because of the magical conditions of this era, the unknown mind has been driven into the background in favour of the foreground of what we can see, hear, touch and think of. But that does not mean that it has disappeared. Only that it has moved into the background, of which we are only vaguely aware, like the face of a stranger in the crowd when you are focused on looking for somebody you know. And in fact, when you push something into the shadows, it takes a great deal of energy to keep it there, and all the while this something is training against your efforts, becoming stronger and harder to keep away, more capable of wreaking damage and foiling your attempts to control it.


If you were exiled out into the shadows, wouldn’t you, eventually, feel the urge to come back into the light?


Dream Alchemy is all about bringing our shadows back into the light, about learning to develop a powerful communal energy with the totality of who we really are, about guiding and focusing those combined energies to manifest incredible transformations in our lives, and most of all to live in peace and harmony and beauty and wisdom completely within ourselves.   

There are no dates scheduled for this class at present. If you wish to start a class or know more about it, ask the magic question.

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